Monfly® Legend S


Monfly Legend S Pillow is the only pillow you ever need. It does not matter whether you are flat or a side sleeper, the unique design of this pillow will give you a long and deep sleep by caressing your ears, head and neck. Monfly Legend S Pillow has the usual therapeutic pillow design and quality with a SOFTER touch

梦飞传奇医疗枕头是您唯一需要的一个枕头 . 不管你是平卧或者是侧卧, 这个枕头会给您带来很长, 很香的睡眠时间. 这款新的枕头的独特设计将会呵护您的耳朵, 头部和脖子. 让您的睡眠更加持久.

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